2017 AEC Hackathon: Interview with Carlos Velazquez

We had a blast at this year’s AEC Hackathon in Seattle! The weekend was filled with brilliant ideas and inspiring collaborations among AECO professionals. We even had a chance to scan several rooms at the Hackathon. Our president, Carlos, met with the host of AR/VR Live, Tim Reha, for an interview regarding the value of scan-to-BIM technology and the design and construction tools provided by Epic Scan. Take a look!

We would like to thank AEC Hackathon founders Greg Howes and Damon Hernandez for an excellent event as well as Tim Reha for producing this video.

Let us know in the comments if you have any questions about existing conditions BIM or contact us at projects@epicscan.com for more information on implementing BIM in your next project.

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