A/E/C Firms: How to Use Capture, Compute and Create Technologies for Your Projects

Epic Scan Vineyard 3D ScanThese technologies allow architectural, engineering and construction firms to improve the quality and efficiency of their processes. With Capture, Compute and Create, you can take advantage of the latest industry developments while delivering more value to your clients.

Capturing and creating 3D as-built drawings happens in days instead of weeks or months and includes more information than previously possible. Collaboration increases due to intuitive ways to view and analyze your project. Communication improves now that your team can see the project virtually and in 3D. You can design and build an entire project virtually before mobilizing a single construction crew.

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What Are Capture, Compute and Create Building Documentation Technologies?

Capture: These are laser and photo technologies that capture 2D and 3D as-builts of your world. They typically range in accuracy from 0.05″ to 6.0″. This means no more measuring tapes, pencil or paper—or transcribing your notes to create your as-built drawings.

Compute: Varying hardware and software combinations compute the captured 3D data into deliverables that primarily support the A/E/C industries—including 3D point cloud data, building information models (BIM), virtual site access (VSA) and 2D drawings. Autodesk and Bentley support the use of Capture, Compute and Create technologies with all their design software. Three-dimensional point cloud as-builts show users every last detail of a project and serve as another layer of information to view whenever needed.

Create: Architects, engineers and general contractors use this data to design, build, analyze, prove, visualize, 3D print and ultimately create an accurate representation of our world.

How Do I Start?

Getting educated is one of the most time-consuming and complicated aspects of becoming familiar with Capture, Compute and Create building documentation technologies. The majority of the knowledge currently resides with those providing the products and services. Developing a relationship with one of these service providers (Epic Scan, for example) offers the shortest path to the information. Epic Scan can provide you with the knowledge and tools to use these technologies and procure deliverables that will allow you to enjoy the many efficiency, opportunity and product improvements available today.

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We also recommend downloading the US Institute of Building Documentation (USIBD) bid documents. USIBD has standardized the solicitation of these professional capture services by producing an RFQ template, RFP template, 3D Imaging (Point Cloud) Specification and Level of Accuracy Specification.

The Times, They Are a’Changing

For more than 16 years, Epic Scan has provided professional services for A/E/C firms with Capture and Compute technologies. As a premier 3D service provider since 1999, we have seen capture hardware drop from 200 pounds to 11 pounds—along with witnessing many hardware and software acquisitions throughout the industry.

The economy is improving, technologies are providing tangible value to our lives, our phones are ringing more than ever and we’ve seen an over 30-percent increase in our clients’ use of our services over the last two years. These trends are creating incredible opportunities for us all!

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