Equity in the A/E/C/O Industry

Equity by Design Attendees 2016

“We were excited to sponsor the 2016 EQxD Symposium. I love what Rosa Sheng and the entire Equity by Design team are doing to raise awareness about all inequitable practices. Their efforts are guaranteed to improve how we value people, their time and quality of life for all.”

Carlos G. Velazquez, President/CEO, Epic Scan

Last weekend, the Epic Scan team attended the fourth Equity by Design (EQxD) Symposium in San Francisco, California. This year’s symposium brought together hundreds of people to discuss existing inequalities as well as the need to achieve equity in architecture. The symposium was filled with personal stories and compelling data revealing the current state of demographics in the architectural industry. We are always looking to engage with people who share similar core values as we learn about important issues in the A/E/C/O industry.

Equity by Design Symposium 2016

Equity by Design Symposium Montage
Epic Scan President Carlos with his equity commitment card; Carlos with Marketing Coordinator Chanel at the symposium; and Epic Scan Business Development Manager Chet Roan adding his equity commitment card
Equity by Design has had four successful symposiums, attracting around 250 attendees from the architectural field at each symposium. This year’s event brought together hundreds of people from all over the country as well as a speaker from Australia. The symposium comprised several breakout sessions, during which we connected with attendees to discuss some of the major issues in architecture, including a lack of mentorship, unequal pay, work-life balance and job satisfaction.

Metrics, Meaning and Matrices

This year’s EQxD symposium featured the theme of Metrics, Meaning and Matrices.

equity by design logo
The Equity by Design % logo symbolizes their goal of achieving equitable practice
  • Metrics: Research, data and accountability
  • Meaning: Connection, passion and value
  • Matrices: Creation, network and solution

“The EQxD 2016 symposium was a great inclusive and educational event. The metrics cited tell the clear story of improvements made possible by embracing diversity and appreciating the gifts in all people.”

—Chet Roan, Business Development Manager, Epic Scan

To see the Equity by Design 80-question/8,664-person survey findings (or metrics), visit their website.

What’s the Difference Between Equity and Equality?

Equity vs equality
Graphic shown at symposium

While EQxD began as a search for the missing 32% and the lack of women architects, it has expanded to all facets of equity and equality within the industry. Equality is giving everyone the same opportunities, while equity ensures not only the same opportunities but also the potential for the same outcomes. According to the EQxD website, “equity is the ability to recognize difference and provide fair and just access to opportunities.”

“Equity has a strong potential as a new paradigm and social construct to succeed on multiple levels—equity in education, equitable practice in the workplace and social equity in access to basic life resources, healthy and safe communities and public space in our urban centers. The equity-focused value proposition at all these levels is rooted in transparency, education, collaboration and trust.”

—Rosa Sheng, AIA, Equity by Design Co-Founder

Involvement in the Equity Movement

EQxD Sponsors 2016
EQxD Sponsors 2016

Epic Scan was honored to meet the hardworking people who coordinated and attended the event. We were beyond impressed with the care and dedication each person brought to the symposium.

As a minority-owned small business, we strive to be an equitable company with happy employees. We believe our core values help our business thrive, including:

  • Transparency
  • Collaboration
  • Flexibility
  • Compassion
  • Communication
  • People-focused
  • Experience and value first

These values make for impressed clients and employee job satisfaction.

For more information about Equity by Design and how to get involved, please visit their website and follow them on Twitter. The EQxD Twitter account offers regular Twitter talks that encourage architects to discuss their experiences and develop new ideas for positive change. If you have any questions about our involvement in the EQxD Symposium and how Epic Scan creates an equitable work environment, please contact our marketing coordinator, Chanel Reid, at marketing@epicscan.com.

For questions regarding 3D laser scanning and documentation, please contact us at 415.524.0516 or projects@epicscan.com.

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