Getting REAL with New Technologies

This was the second year of an exciting and informative REAL conference hosted by Autodesk. As Autodesk stated, “REAL is a unique opportunity for companies, individuals and other entities to understand that there is no way to navigate the convergence of 3D technologies alone.”
We heard and met numerous experts and innovators in the area of reality computing. We believe this conference is one way Epic Scan maintains its cutting-edge position in reality capture.
As I thought last year, this conference glimpses the future. We saw technology and software introduced that will become a part of delivering valuable information about the environments in which we live. This innovation adds improvements in efficiencies to construction and design and a host of other industries. The challenge we face at Epic Scan is finding the pieces that add the most value for our clients.

We strongly believe the future will provide a better way to work, and we look forward to next year’s REAL conference for the latest emerging technology and ideas, which will help Epic Scan help its clients.

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