How Can Architects and Engineers Reduce Site Visits, RFIs and Change Orders?

Snapshot of Pioneer Courthouse Square VSA

I’m sure we can all relate to dreaded site revisits, change orders and additional RFIs. It often seems reworking is inevitable. Fortunately, many of these unforeseen issues can be resolved by using the A/E/C industry’s latest tool, virtual site access (VSA).

Virtual site access is the equivalent of a Google street view for your project. This intuitive tool allows unlimited access to your project from any mobile or desktop platform. You can experience a 360˚ view of the existing conditions of your project and conduct a virtual walk-through of the site without ever leaving the office. To create a VSA, professionals use laser scanners that simultaneously capture 3D measurements and panoramic images of your project.


  • Minimize disruptions to owners and tenants
  • Allow contractors and subs to virtually access the project site
  • Improve communication by sharing existing conditions with subs and the entire design team
  • Easily answer challenging questions
  • Increase accuracy in designs
  • Decrease project errors
  • Comprehensively understand your project for more accurate bids
  • Reduce bid spread, change orders, RFIs and unexpected issues
  • Access through your cell phone, tablet or computer
  • Enjoy unlimited 24-hour access

“Epic Scan’s virtual site access allowed us to refine our project designs and be more accurate in our detailing while improving our ability to reduce project error.”

—Nadia Anis, AIA | Principal, Ferrari Moe

Your project can literally be at your fingertips—without revisiting the site or mobilizing crews. Whether you’re working in the office or meeting with a client, you can access your project at the click of a button. Check out our website for more information on VSA and a hands-on experience using the tool. Discover the value of laser-scanning solutions and virtual site access by contacting us at 415.524.0516 or

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