Minority Entrepreneur Group Features Epic Scan


Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs (OAME) Spotlight

This month’s OAME Spotlight featured our very own Ryan Woodward from Epic Scan, Yayoi Yamamoto from PDX Coordinator and Michael Stewart from Stewart Marketing Group.

The post focused on Epic Scan’s history and available services as well as Ryan’s background and upbringing in Corvallis, Oregon. The spotlight also discussed the evolutionary timeline of Epic Scan, from its founding in 2000 with a 150-pound scanner to our current work with a 15-pound scanner.

OAME’s spotlight discussed some of Epic Scan’s major projects—including the scanning of the sunken Civil War submarine H.L. Hunley and the Vancouver, BC, Winter Olympics death incident. Scanning was used to assess the luge course and determine whether a flaw in the track was the cause of death.

“The great thing about OAME is that it’s a place where anyone can come and feel welcome. The connections there are a great tool for small businesses to connect with key people and larger primes. It would be difficult to do on my own.” —Ryan Woodward

About OAME

OAME is a leading nonprofit organization that strives to encourage economic advancement and entrepreneurship among minorities in Oregon. The basis of the organization is to eliminate racism and discrimination. By providing several services, OAME is able to increase profitability and career opportunities for its members.

Founded in 1987, OAME began with just eight members. The organization now comprises more than 600 ethnic minority businesses that benefit from their services. Chairman Sam Brooks says, “Our motto is, if you are in business and you are not making a profit, you are going out of business.”

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