News from the Front: Autodesk’s REAL 2015 Technologies That Will Impact A/E/C Firms

Last February, REAL explored the convergence of the professional 3D sensing, making and visualization industries. Here’s what really got me excited.

  1. Unconventional building materials: Fully sustainable biodegradable building materials made from cornhusks and mushrooms.



  1. Drones and photogrammetry: These technologies are revolutionizing many aspects of architecture, engineering and construction.


  1. Computer designing: Carl Bass, president and chief executive officer of Autodesk, Inc., shows a computer-generated design of an exhaust manifold. Enter your specifications and voìla, the computer designs your part. Thankfully, 3D printing can make these complex designs a reality.


  1. 3D printing (additive manufacturing): 3D printing is breaking every manufacturing boundary that previously existed.



UC Berkeley unveiled the first and largest powder-based 3D-printed cement structure to date:


  1. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR): These technologies are going to change the way we interact with every aspect of the existing world. Every architect, engineer and general contractor will use these technologies to conceptualize, design, visualize, analyze and build our world.


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