Point Clouds: Could They Be a Game-Changer for Your Design Process?

Coca-Cola Truck SnapshotIn today’s digital world, architects and engineers are able to accurately measure projects and develop their designs without ever leaving the office or picking up a tape measure. Communication is made simple with the digitization of project information. This is possible thanks to a unique visualization technique known as point cloud.


Point clouds are dense groups of 3D data points that digitally replicate your project for design and construction. They are a visualization of reality in which every point represents a feature of your building or project. Imagine every aspect of your project site being documented in 3D.

“Point cloud data allows you to see your world from a completely different perspective. It’s like taking a digital picture, and all of the pixels are in 3D.”

—Dan Johnson, 3D Application Specialist

Imagine every aspect of your project site being documented in 3D. Click To Tweet


Point clouds provide a single and accurate set of measurements that improve design as well as communication among building owners, designers and subcontractors. They offer value to you and your clients by providing a single set of information that can easily be shared with your entire design team.

Architects and engineers use point cloud data as a tool to create as-built drawings instead of taking hand measurements and manually drawing the entire project. You can also use the data as a checkpoint to determine whether your drawings are accurate as well as to ensure your design will work efficiently.

That’s not all! Point clouds are the initial data set for creating many different forms of building/project documentation—including building information models (BIM); 2D and 3D drawings; and 3D animations.

“Point clouds are quickly becoming the industry standard for all remodel and renovation projects in A/E/C industries.”

—Carlos Velazquez, President/CEO


Point cloud providers use 3D laser scanning, photogrammetry and traditional survey to capture reconstruction projects. This process generates detailed point cloud data that aligns with the precise intent of your project. To obtain this information, 3D laser scanners simultaneously capture measurements as well as photos.

Users are able to input point cloud data into software programs such as Autodesk. The outcome allows you to pinpoint different aspects of your project and truly understand the state of each component of the project area—ultimately saving you time while increasing accuracy.

Point cloud ultimately saves you time while increasing accuracy. Click To Tweet

Compatible with: Autodesk, Bentley, Nemetschek and several other design software companies.


M v CC SceneAt left is an Epic Scan project documenting the scene of an accident in which a motorcycle crashed into a moving Coca-Cola truck. 3D Forensic conducted an investigation into the accident. To aid with the analysis, Epic Scan supplied 3D point cloud data of the accident scene documenting the existing conditions of the accident location.

88 Townsend StreetPictured at right is the 88 Townsend Street apartment complex. Located in San Francisco’s South Beach District, the apartments needed repair due to water damage caused by poor courtyard drainage. Ferrari Moe Architects hired Epic Scan to provide clear topographic information and point cloud data of the courtyards.


The next time you are designing a project or preparing for reconstruction, consider making point cloud your go-to tool for the design process. Contact us at 415.524.0516 or project@epicscan.com to get started today.

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