Project Applications of BIM

As BIM gains popularity, design firms are discovering the extraordinary value of this tool. BIM is quickly becoming a crucial part of the design and construction process. The project applications of BIM are virtually endless. To give you a better understanding of BIM in practice, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite BIM projects from 2016. This article will share examples of interesting projects and discuss how the scan-to-BIM process improves the design and construction phases for our clients.

Scan-to-BIM for A/E/C/O Projects

Designers use scan-to-BIM technology because it rapidly captures accurate measurements of buildings (and anything within view) and provides 360-degree images of the project site. Scan-to-BIM providers use 3D data to create comprehensive building information models (BIM) for A/E/C/Os to consult during design and construction.

The 3D information delivers long-term value as it can be used for current renovation work/digital designing, as a reference during construction and for future renovation projects.

Designers choose scan-to-BIM (instead of hand measurements–to-BIM) as it provides fast, accurate models within budget. In addition to the model, they receive tools such as point cloud data, 3D animations and virtual site access (VSA) of the project site.

To demonstrate the many applications of BIM for renovation work, let’s take a look at some of Epic Scan’s BIM projects.

BIM Projects

Lolli and Pops

Lolli and Pops VR snapshot
Snapshot of the Lolli and Pops virtual reality

The name is as cool as the shop—Lolli and Pops is a unique candy store in San Francisco. BCV Architects was in the process of recreating a space for the famous candy store’s new location. To help designers with the renovation process, we used 3D laser scanning technology to capture existing conditions and create a BIM of the 8,000–square-foot project. BCV used the model for digital designing. The 3D data was also used to create a virtual reality tour of the Lolli and Pops store for marketing purposes.

Chicago Old Post OfficeOld Chicago Post Office
Nearly a century old, this building is known affectionately as the Old Chicago Post Office. This nine-story landmark was built in 1921 and needed some major renovations. To speed up the design and construction process, we scanned the 300,000–square-foot project. Designers used BIM to digitally reconstruct the old post office and have a virtual archive of the building for future projects.

160 Eddy St.
Formerly known as the historic William Penn Hotel, 160 Eddy is now a four-story apartment building in San Francisco. 160 Eddy was built in 1916 and after much use required maintenance work and remodeling. Epic Scan provided RMW Architecture & Interiors with a building information model to aid with the design process. The model was created through our scan-to-BIM process and will allow designers to digitally build before beginning construction.

Portland, Oregon Airport PDXPortland Airport (PDX)
Prior to the renovations of the Portland, Oregon, airport (PDX), Epic Scan used 3D laser scanning to document the baggage claim and handling sections, in addition to the public and private access portions of the airport. Henneberry Eddy Architects needed point cloud data, virtual site access (VSA) and an animation of the project site. The 3D information enabled them to create a building information model. Our virtual site access and point cloud deliverables gave them the data necessary to take their LOD 200 BIM to a LOD 300, which they can use for current or future renovation work.

An Industry Standard

These are just a few of the many BIM projects created through collaboration with our clients. BIM is no longer a nice tool, it’s now an industry standard. Scan-to-BIM solutions offer a faster way to obtain accurate models and comprehensive site documentation while providing valuable supplementary resources like point cloud data, virtual site access (VSA) and a 3D animation of your project site.

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