Sellwood Bridge

Constructed in 1925, the original Sellwood Bridge was a 300-foot steel truss bridge spanning the Willamette River in Portland. Its numerous deficiencies included bus restrictions; narrow lanes and sidewalk; lack of shoulders; and vulnerability to earthquakes. Oregon’s busiest two-lane bridge, Sellwood serves as a crucial river crossing. In 2011, Multnomah County began the five-year construction of a seismically sound deck arch bridge. The upgraded Sellwood Bridge is designed to withstand a megathrust earthquake with a magnitude upwards of 9.2.

To complete the renovation, Slayden Construction Group needed point cloud data and a 3D animation illustrating the process of building the new bridge. Epic Scan provided accurate as-built data of the existing conditions on and around Sellwood Bridge.

Sellwood Bridge

Portland, OR


  • 33-mile bridge
  • Two-lane bridge
  • 90-year-old bridge


  • Point cloud
  • Virtual site access (VSA)