Definition: A 2D drawing is an industry standard plan, elevation or section that is the most simplified representation of your project for design and construction.

An orthographic projection is Epic Scan’s evolution of a 2D drawing. Orthographic projections can easily be imported into any design program and traced to create a standard 2D drawing.

Value: Orthographic projections contain all the details for the area of interest so you’re making more informed decisions, leading to less rework during construction.

Method: Epic Scan scales images (.tiff, .jpg, etc.) of the point cloud data from your project.

Compatible with: Autodesk, Bentley, Nemetschek and several other design software companies.

Posts and Projects involving 2D Drawings

Orthographic Projection of the Cooper Molera Adobe

Cooper Molera

Built by sailor John Bautista Rogers Cooper in 1823, the Cooper Molera Adobe was featured in A&E’s Guide to Historic Homes of America. The three-acre site includes a house constructed…

Ryan Camp
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Ryan Camp

Death Valley Conservancy was in the process of preserving Ryan Camp and renovating several buildings, but they lacked accurate information regarding the camp’s existing conditions. Architectural Resources Group (ARG) hired…